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About us

C. M. Spray srl is a company that for a long time offers advanced technology solutions to the liquid and powder surface finishing market. 1988 -2018: thirty years of experience in the resolution of painting problems in the industrial sectors in the field of metal, plastic, wood, glass and in many other fields. The supply of electrostatic systems for liquid paints or powder coatings, automatisms, automatic mixing systems for multi-component paints, consultancy for the creation or modification of its painting department, constitute the daily work of the company to a constant research to improve the process of finishing and application of paints.

Company Profile


C.M. SPRAY Ltd, has over 20 years in the coating segment, to provide effective and reliable solutions in the coating of surfaces, to liquid or powder. New innovative devices have been added to the wide range of products already distributed.
In these 20 years C.M. SPRAY S.r.l. has made of quality and experience our business card. The new systems for electronic mixing of coatings multi-components, with coriolis technology, represent the latest development in coating technology. The electrostatic painting systems, manuals or automatics, complete the range of high technology products offered in the field of liquid coating.
The new frontier is represented by the powder coating of heat-sensitive materials. These are materials such as MDF, solid wood, plastic or composite products with such materials, which until now could not be powder coated. Thanks to the new technologies, C.M. SPRAY S.r.l. in partnership with TRIAB INNOVATIONS, SPRAY-SA and RAMSEIER KOATINGS is able to ensure the powder coating of products such as kitchen cabinet doors on MDF, wood chairs, electric motors already assembled, gas springs already loaded and everything that hitherto was considered impossible.