eos Mktg&Communication strongly believes in the importance of Associations and Networking for business development.

This means to create, feed, and support partnerships, interactions and networking among companies and professionals to create added value. For this reason, eos is member of, or supports with its own activities, some of the most important industrial Associations in the surface treatments field.

UCIF - Unione Costruttori Impianti di Finitura

eos is member of UCIF- Unione Costruttori Impianti di Finitura. UCIF was founded in 1973. Today, UCIF represents over 50% of the Italian manufacturing industry in the field of surface treatments machines and systems (painting and coating, shot-blasting, industrial cleaning, mass metal finishing, water and air depuration, automation and robotics).

ECCA Italia

ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine is media partner of ECCA, the European Coil Coating Association, headquartered in Bruxelles. ECCA’s mission is to increase the awareness of prepainted metal by promoting its environmental, cost, quality and design benefits; to stimulate the market, application, product and process development; to set quality performance standards and developing test methods.


ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine is media partner of Poliefun - Ente Formazione Universitaria del Politecnico di Milano (Vocational Education Body of the Milan Politecnico). Poliefun is the association created by the collaboration of the companies from the surface treatment field and the University to establish – under the scientific and technical guidance of Politecnico di Milano – a real and practical contact point between the world of work and the study courses. Poliefun’s main objectives include supporting the Degree Course in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology, spreading business culture, and offering complete R&D programs.


Assovernici - Produttori Italiani Vernici represents the main manufacturers of construction and industrial paint and coatings with the aim of promoting the Italian sector, enhancing its excellence and specificity; it also carries out constant technical regulatory monitoring, statistical surveys and the development of content and strategies aimed at ensuring transparent information on coatings. Assovernici is part of the European network CEPE, European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink and Artists' Colors Industry through which it guarantees a constant exchange of information and best practices both between companies and industry associations, at European level.

Charity plays an important role in our daily life. eos Mktg&Communication and ipcm® proudly support:

Associazione Sissi

Associazione Sissi is a non-profit association which, inspired by principles of human solidarity, has the beneficial purpose of carrying out fundraising and aid activities to support cancer research in general, identifying initiatives and actions aimed at this purpose, including socio-educational and cultural initiatives.