Via Damiano Chiesa 42
20020 Dairago MI - Italy
Phone: +39 0331 430817
Fax: +39 0331 1581053

About us

Lesta Srl designs, manufactures and sells industrial robots for both powder and liquid painting. The strength of our articulated robots is the self-learning programming, by which the painting process is made simple and immediate. Together with its own robots, Lesta Srl designs and manufactures robot and plant control software.
In addition, Lesta Srl is able to supply cartesian robots, carousels, air and ground rotation groups, robot handling systems in ground or hanging configuration to increase the working area, production cycle management software with RFID tags, 2D and 3D scanning systems in order to make the painting process completely automatic and Lesta proposes itself as systems integrator for any industrial application. Lesta Srl is also KUKA Official System Partner.

Company Profile

Lesta Srl is a dynamic company founded at the beginning of 2010 by the strong will of the founding partners to combine their skills and experience in the robotics sector in order to create a series of reliable and easy-to-use painting robots. The MV robot series with self-learning or point-to-point programming is the tangible result of the efforts made over the years and the skills of the Lesta team.
The long experience of Lesta staff members has allowed constant and continuous growth over the years, with the installation of several hundreds of painting robots and turnkey automation solutions in Italy and in different countries of the world, as well as the creation of partnerships with top companies in the national and international markets.
The quality of our products, a direct consequence of the skills and the harmony of the group of people working in the company, has led Lesta Srl to export its solutions throughout Europe, South America and the Far East.
Further recognition in the growth path undertaken by Lesta Srl is the status of KUKA Official System Partner.