CMA Robotics Spa

CMA Robotics Spa

Viale Del Lavoro 41 Z.I.U.
33050 Pavia Di Udine (UD) Italy

Phone: 0432 640172

About us

CMA Robotics was born in 1994 when Paolo Piano, Sergio Della Mea and Marco Zanor had the enterprising idea to merge their skills in the electronics sector with those of the robotics sector, developing and producing anthropomorphic robots for industrial painting. From the concept creation of the first robot, CMA Robotics has now consolidated its presence in 60 countries worldwide.

The company's headquarters are based in Pavia di Udine, Italy. In 2003, the company's German branch, CMA Roboter, now situated in Drolshagen, Germany, was inaugurated to manage and cater for the German market. In 2015, Efort Ltd., the leading producer of anthropomorphic robots in China, became a shareholder of CMA Robotics, later leading to the founding of CMA Robotics China (WUHU).

In 2018, the Efort Europe Group was established, which brings together the passion and experience of leading companies in the robotics sector in order to share strategies concerning ongoing demands for innovation.