Condoroil Group

Condoroil Group

Via Galliani 62
21020 Casale Litta (VA) Italy

Phone: +39) 0332 945212

About us

The CONDOROIL COMPANY was founded as a producer of chemical products for the treatment of surfaces, CONDOROIL has grown progressively with the ability to supply solutions that solve problems with metal surface treatment.
"The supportable chemical", the brand's payoff, represents the working philosophy of the companies of the Group, based on a close cooperative relationship between company and customer, aiming to obtain the best solution to every single problem.
CONDOROIL CHEMICAL's extensive research and development program allows the production of a wide range of products including: Degreasers, pickling agents, metalworking lubricants, rust preventives, coolants, passivating agents, conversion coatings, paint strippers, fluxes, penetrants and products for membrane conditioning and waste and rinse water treatment.
CONDOROIL STAINLESS designs and manufactures equipment that allows the customer to minimize waste, optimize product consumption, recover raw materials, insure high quality standards and recycle waste and rinse water. It also supplies instrumentation which is used to control and maintain the process parameters, the working solution and the rinse waters by means of online control instrumentation and dedicated software.


Metal Pickling

  • Catalytic Oxidation Unit for NOX Abatement
  • Degreasing Additives - Foaming Agents
  • Pickling Agents for Aluminium and Alloys
  • Pickling Agents for Copper and Alloys
  • Pickling Agents for Mild Steel
  • Pickling Agents for Titanium, Nickel and Alloys
  • Pickling Inhibitors
  • Plants for Metal Recovery
  • Products for Brightening
  • Regeneration Units for Pickling Agents
  • Special and Stainless Steel Picklers
  • Water Recycling Plants

Catalytic Oxidation Unit for NOX Abatement

  • Degreasing Additives - Foaming Agents
  • Pickling Agents For Aluminium And Alloys
  • Pickling Agents For Copper And Alloys
  • Pickling Agents For Mild Steel
  • Pickling Agents For Titanium, Nickel And Alloys
  • Pickling Inhibitors
  • Plants For Metal Recovery
  • Products For Brightening
  • Regeneration Units For Pickling Agents
  • Special And Stainless Steel Picklers
  • Water Recycling Plants

Cold Forming

  • Chemical Deposition Of Metals - Regeneration Units For Coppering And Bronzing
  • Lubricating - Drawing And Stamping Lubricants - Plants For Lubrocoolant Regeneration - Plants For Purification Of The Oily Emulsions - Plants For The Regeneration Of Whole Oils - Plants For The Spent Emulsions Treatments - Rectification Lubricants - Rolling Lubricants
  • Conversion Treatments For Stamping And Drawing - Alternative To Crystalline Phosphating - Crystalline Phospating For Mild Steel - Non Reactive Salts - Oxalations For Stainless Steel - Sludge Removing Plants For Phosphating Baths
  • Degreasing And Cleaning Products - Degreasers - De Phosphating - Degreasing Solutions Regeneration Plants - Plants For Water Recycling
  • Protectives - Dry Protectives

Industrial Cleaning

  • Chemical Degreasing For Dip And/Or Ultrasonic Plants
  • Chemical Degreasing For Ultrasonics
  • Chemical Non Foaming Degreasers For Spray Plants Of Plants With A High Mechanical Action
  • Degreasing Auxiliaries
  • Degreasing Solutions Regeneration Plants
  • Electrolytic Degreasing
  • Evaporable Solvents Based Degreasers
  • Interoperational Degreasers
  • Picklers Degreases
  • Purification Plants For Degreasing Baths
  • Water Recycling Plants

Aluminium Painting

  • Demineralisation Plants For Tap Water
  • Evaporative Units
  • Regeneration Plants For Degreasing And Phosphodegreasing Baths
  • Water Recycling Plants
  • Cycles And Products For Metal Pretreatment - Additives - Calamine Removal - Laser Cut - Cleaning - Degreasing - Acid Deoxidation - Degreasing - Alkaline Etching - Passivation - Surface Conversion
  • Cycles And Products For Pretreatment - Plastic And Aluminizing - Plastic And Aluminizing

Paint Stripping

  • Plants and products

Metal Protection

  • Dewatering
  • Dry Protectives
  • Passivating Agents For Aqueous Solutions
  • Peelable
  • Protective Emulsions


  • Alkaline Cleaning And Etching Products
  • Anodizing
  • Cleaning Products
  • Cleaning Products And Deoxidizing Acids
  • Colour Additive
  • Fixing Agent
  • Nitric Acid Free Depatination Agents
  • Pickling Acids Regeneration Units
  • Stabilizers
  • Water Recycling Plants

Die - Casting and Hot Pressing

  • Clarification Device for Testing Tanks
  • Degreasers
  • Detergent for Moulds
  • Pickling Agents
  • Purification Device for Degreasing Baths
  • Sealing Agents
  • Tap Water Demineralisation Unit For
  • Water Recycle Plants

Rubber Pressing

  • Conversion Treatments
  • Degreasers for Moulded Rubber Parts
  • Degreasing Solutions Regeneration Plants
  • Detergent for Moulds
  • Dewatering
  • Protectives
  • Water Recycling Plants

Non Destructive Control

  • Active Carbons Treatment Plants
  • Evaporative Units
  • Penetrant Liquids
  • Product for Penetrat. Liquids Removal
  • Surface Preparation
  • Ultrafiltration Plant

Metallic Works

  • Degreasers
  • Fluxes
  • Passivating
  • Pickling Agents
  • Protectives

Paper Industry

  • Products for Paper Industry


  • Aerosol
  • Floors Cleaner
  • Gel Paint Strippers
  • Glass Detergent
  • Oils for Painting Chains
  • Opal Absorb
  • Opal Hands
  • Reverse Osmosis - Demineralisation
  • Rust Converters
  • Sanitization
  • Scale Removers
  • Washing Tanks

Membrane Separation

  • Antiscaling
  • Conditioners
  • Detergent
  • Preservatives


  • Antifoaming Agents
  • Detergent Antifouling
  • Evaporative Units

Electronic Assembling

  • Fluxes
  • Masking Protective Agents
  • Solvents for Cleaning Of Boards And SMD Plates

Printed Circuit Production

  • Fluxes for HASL
  • Surface Finishing
  • Tin Stripper, Dry Film Stripper And Anti Foaming Agent


Process Plant

  • Chemical Pickling Plants
  • Electrolitical Pickling Plants
  • In Line Paint Stripping Plants
  • Paint Stripping By Washing Machine
  • Paint Stripping Tanks

Recovery, Regeneration, Purification

  • Acids Regeneration and Metals Recovery
  • Caustic Soda Regeneration
  • Cells for Electrophoresis Baths
  • Cleaner-Phosphate Regeneration
  • Electrophoresis Baths Treatment
  • Lubro-Coolants Regeneration
  • Oils and Solvents Regeneration
  • Pickling Baths Regeneration
  • Trivalent Iron and Nitric Acid Regeneration

Process Water Treatment

  • Demineralization
  • Water Softening

Water Recycling

  • Demineralized Water Recycle
  • Rinsing Water Concentration
  • Thermocompression Concentration

Treatment of Effluent and Waste Water

  • Exhaust Emulsion Treatment
  • Organic Degradation
  • Purifying Equipment
  • Thermocompression Concentration
  • Treatment Of Booth Water


  • Coalescence Oil Removal And Sedimentation Unit
  • Coalescence Oil Removal Unit
  • Multimedia Filters
  • Physical Chemical Purification Unit
  • Plate Clarifiers
  • Polyelectrolyte Preparation Unit
  • Sludge Dryers With Draining Bags
  • Washing Tanks