Edrizzi® By Brainflash Patententwicklungs Gmbh

Edrizzi® By Brainflash Patententwicklungs Gmbh

Bründlangerweg 12
9900 Lienz Austria

Phone: +43 4852 72674
Email: info@brainflash.at
Website: http://www.edrizzi.com/

About us

We have been working intensively since more than 20 years on eco-friendly paint mist separation. The problem of over-spray is the focus of all developments in the in-house technical centre in Lienz. In research over a period of several years, close cooperation with the paints and varnishes industry and renowned plant construction companies, we have developed revolutionary systems for absorbing paint mist. Multiple on-going patents of our company support innumerable international paints and varnishes companies in reducing and avoiding coatings waste that is rich in harmful substances.

The patented edrizzi® paint mist separators, handy boxes made of recyclable cardboard, which have become synonymous with efficient, eco-friendly and ergonomic coatings form the basis of our system. The edrizzi® Vario boxes offer, in their diversity, the optimal result for all areas of application of the paints and varnishes industry. We supplement the system with various secondary filtering stages for paint mist separation.

Regardless of the application method, the edrizzi® system can be used in any x-system: built horizontally and also vertically or combined horizontally and vertically. From the smallest manual spray booth up to automated coating lines. The edrizzi® technology can be retrofitted to existing systems easily and cost-effectively.