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Europolveri Spa

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36066 Sandrigo (VI) Italy

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About us


Europolveri, established thirty years ago with the acquisition of a company with twenty years of experience and one of the first in Europe to produce thermosetting powder coatings, to all effects has a background of over fifty years of experience in the field of chemicals and surface treatments. Nowadays Europolveri is an affirmed company operating in an industrial plant with over 20,000 square metres, where one perceives a clear sensation of operational synergy, functionality, organisational and productive efficiency and at the same time of excellent working conditions, the concrete results of specific company policies and strategies.
Europolveri also means knowing how to look forward to project the future; a company that still has the will and capacity to invest, where the concepts of research and innovation are deeply rooted, with its constant attention to the market requirements and tendencies. A company that has wanted and known how to develop not only in economic-industrial terms but also in a wider context of values and points of reference. Europolveri is ISO 9001 certified, the first company in Italy, and in 1994 it obtained the ISO 9002 certification.
In 2014 Europolveri obtained the ISO 14001 certification on the Environmetal Management System.

Our powder coatings…your added value

Europolveri's products include a range of powder coatings with applications in the most diversified fields and sectors.
Series 1 - QUALICOAT TECH PLUS polyester based powder coatings TGIC free for outdoor architectural applications.
Series 5 - QUALICOAT polyester based powder coatings TGIC free for outdoor and galvanised applications.
Series 7 - polyester based powder coatings TGIC free for outdoor industrial applications.

Series 6 - epoxy based powder coatings for indoor applications.
Series 9 - epoxy-polyester based powder coatings for indoor applications.
Series 8 - cycloaliphatic polyurethane based powder coatings for outdoor applications.
Epoxy-phenolic based powder coatings for special treatments.

Polyanhydride polyester based powder coatings for high temperatures

The range of Europolveri coatings also includes a series of markedly innovative specific products.

A powder coating based on an antibacterial agent that makes it suitable for articles where the reduction of bacterial proliferation is fundamental.

A series of polyurethane powder coatings with elevated cross-linking properties that stop the graffiti from penetrating into the paint, making them easily removable.

Powder coatings that have an epoxy type polymer base, to be employed as primers, with characteristics capable of guaranteeing elevated levels of corrosion resistance.

Powder coatings devised to offer architects and designers a product capable of guaranteeing an excellent finish and a great durability.

An innovative line of coatings devised so as to recreate, applying the sublichromic or powder on powder on powder technology, the effect end the warmth of wood on metal items.

Soft Touch
Coatings that thanks to their particular surface finish (super-matt) combine visual effects with a soft and velvety touch.

Special Effects
The Special Effects collection shows products characterised not only by their variety in colour shades and grade of gloss/opacity but also by their particular and diversified types of surface finishing. The collection is divided between products for interior purposes and products suitable fot outdoor applications.

Textured Effects
The Textured Effects collection shows a series of products diversified in terms of colour, gloss level and surface finishing. The Textured Effects collection is divided into two products series:polyester powder coatings based on TGIC free (Pural) for external use and epoxy polyester powder coatings (Durpol) for internal use.

1R Arizona series
1R Arizona series shows different examples of wrinkled products developed to assure both a high level of quality and great aesthetic value. From an aesthetic point of view, the wrinkled finishing allows to hide possible defects of the substrate, but also satisfies the need of an atractive look. All the products are part of the Pural Series and are formulated in accordance to Qualicoat Class 1 requirements.