Feltani Reti Snc Di Feltani Moreno & C.

Feltani Reti Snc Di Feltani Moreno & C.

Via Bassa Prima, 219
35011 S. Andrea Di Campodarsego (PD) Italy

Phone: +39 049 5564837
Email: info@feltanireti.it
Website: https://www.feltanireti.it/

About us

We are manufacturers of industrial coating hooks.

We have 14 wire processing machines covering the furniture, lighting, automotive, trade, safety and general industry sectors.

 The processed materials are:

  • C72/SM phosphated steel wire from Ø 1.50 mm to Ø 8.00 mm
  • FE360b/S235JR iron wire from Ø 2.00 mm to Ø 15.00 mm
  • AISI 302/304 stainless steel wire on request
  • C72/SM galvanized steel wire
  • FE360b / S235JR galvanized iron wire from Ø 2.00 mm to Ø 6.00 mm

The developments:

  • from 50 mm up to 1,200 mm
  • over 1,200 mm on request

Models of hooks:

  • standard or V-bend 20*15 mm - 20*20 mm
  • customizable V-bend
  • round bend (radius 10 – 12.5)
  • round bend with custom radius
  • round bend + standard bend
  • hook-shaped bend for vertical coating of aluminium profiles
  • with a bend in the middle
  • clips for hangers
  • weldable iron hooks on rods
  • all hooks can be changed flat, turned at 45°, 90° or 180°

We have a wide availability of products ready for delivery in a warehouse of 1000 square meters. Upon request we are able to quickly produce tailor-made hooks starting from a new technical drawing, made on the customer's needs.

Capacity certification

The load capacity of a single hook used in the coating industry depends on several factors. The most important characteristics concern the material used, the diameter of the wire and the type of bend.

To ensure safety in the coating chain, our company has specialized in issuing the certification of the capacity of the hooks produced. On request, cold static traction tests are carried out: by releasing an analysis report with a specific graph, the guaranteed capacity of the hook itself is obtained. The test can also be requested at temperatures up to 200 ° C.

All the material we process are traceable with chemical analysis certificates according to the UNI EN 10204-3.1 standard.


An added value for the satisfaction of the final customer: on request, we cut rolls of green polyester tape resistant to 220° C and stamps with the same material.

Our mission is to meet customer needs, ensuring superior quality products and the best service available. We satisfy several requests thanks to the innovative machinery we use and to our forty years of experience.