Fusion srl

Via dell'Artigianato 12/14
37067 Valeggio sul Mincio (VR) Italy

Phone: +39 045-4858492
Email: info@fusion-polveri.com
Website: https://www.repowder.eu/

About us

In 2016, in the heart of Valeggio, Euroimpianti created Fusion srl with the specific aim of carrying forward an innovative vision in the field of sustainability. This new branch was born from Euroimpianti's desire to focus on the development of sustainable solutions in the powder coating sector, anticipating the growing demands of an environmentally conscious market.

Fusion embodies a revolutionary dream: that of transforming the powder coating sector into an example of sustainable excellence. We firmly believe that the future of industrial production must focus on processes that minimise environmental impact without compromising quality. Our relentless pursuit of innovation has led us to develop services and techniques that not only guarantee exceptional results but also promote a longer life cycle of materials, the reduction of waste and the encouragement of recycling.

The solutions proposed by Fusion stand out for their energy efficiency, the reduction of harmful emissions and the minimisation of waste. Every decision we make is guided by our mission to promote a cleaner, greener industry. We are proud to actively contribute to creating a future where cutting-edge technology and environmental responsibility go hand in hand, offering our customers not only innovative solutions but also tangible expressions of our commitment to sustainability.