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About us

The metal cleaning division of ILSA was founded in 1992 in the wake of the demands of the market for this specifc type of cleaning and based on the technology and experience gained in the area of origin; ILSA in fact, since 1978, the year of foundation, designs and manufactures cleaning machines for working with solvents.

The systems are aimed at different sectors: micromechanical parts, turning precision parts, moulded parts, hydraulic components, Automotive, valves and fittings, heat exchangers, tools, sintered components, sprockets, watches, medical. In this long history, ILSA has always focused its efforts on the production fexibility, distinguished by the high propensity for innovation.

ILSA develops and manufactures its systems entirely in Italy in the factories of Bologna, one of the most advanced industrial clusters for engineering in the world, being directly responsible for the design, construction carpentry, assembly, wiring, programming and testing.

Industrial categories

Cleaning plants and machines