Imel Spa

Via Divisione Julia 10
33033 Codroipo (UD) Italy

Phone: +39 0432 908578

About us

imel is considered one of the most qualified players in the world, specializing in the design and manufacture of plants for the treatment and painting of surfaces. Imel is also the name of the Group it heads, which includes the Turkish Imel Boya Tesisleri and the companies Varnishtech of Galliate (No) and Avin of Valvasone (PN). In 2017 he founded Suzhou IMEL Coating Equipment in China. The company is based in Codroipo (UD) and is at the forefront of technology, quality and service, able to establish a direct dialogue with its customers and to seek the most suitable solution both from the point of view of productivity and budget optimization, and as regards the increasingly emerging factors, such as management flexibility, energy consumption, respect for the environment, liveability and aesthetics of the plant. Present with its own plants in more than 70 countries, it is structured in 6 main functions: Commercial/Marketing, Research and Development, Job Management, Design, Production and Service with a matrix organization to allow for greater effectiveness and efficiency in the management of orders.