Mec Srl

Viale Italia, 19
28010 Caltignaga (NO) Italy

Phone: +39 0321 653800

About us

Mec was born in 1991 and its main activity is the cryogenic paint stripping by means of environmentally friendly physical processes, and the cryogenic separation for the restoration of equipments and recovery of waste products. Another important activity is the manufacturing of systems and equipments for CO2 dry ice-blasting and the construction of prototypes to be used within low temperature cryogenic processes. The company focuses on the Chinese market for the selling of cryogenic systems and for the trading in other commercial fields (Import-Export).
The main action fields are:

  • Paint stripping of pieces, jigs and suspensions
  • Plastic coating removal from electroplating jigs
  • Stripping of rotary vibrators
  • De-coating of piece carrying jigs
  • Plastic coating removal from automotive components and the like
  • Rubber coating removal from shock absorbers and the like
  • Dry Ice Blasting for technical cleaning
  • Dry Ice production (solid CO2).

We manufacture prototypes for cryogenic use (food machines, cooling tunnels, liquid nitrogen processes for the recovery of waste products); cool fitting ; cryogenic paint stripping; CO2 cleaning system (fixed and portable); cryogenic stripping systems for glass.

Paint stripping with the following systems:

  • Cryogenic
  • Thermal
  • Cool chemical
  • Hot chemical.

CO2 Service:

Dry-Ice blasting with a mobile equipment which throws solid CO2 on the surface to clean without abrasion or damage to the sensitive and delicate parts and WITHOUT THE USE OF SOLVENTS.
Application fields:

  • overhead conveyors and belts
  • curing oven and spray booth
  • roto-offset and printing lines
  • moulds for tyres and elastomeric technical components
  • moulds for cast iron, aluminium, magnesium
  • moulds for technopolymers technical components
  • tanks, chemical reactors
  • machines and lines for food packaging
  • mechanical components and aeronautics
  • conservative cleaning of monuments
  • graffiti removal
  • cleaning of keels

Dry ice blasting