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33080 Cusano di Zoppola (PN) Italy

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About us

The history of NoxorSokem Group has deep roots.

Founded in 1983, NOXOR began formulating and manufacturing specialty chemicals for industry as early as 1988: surface treatments, water treatments, paint removers. In 1994 SOKEM was founded, with the aim of developing innovative adhesive and sealants solutions. In 2006 the merger between the two companies took place and NoxorSokem Group Srl was born.

Dynamic company, with qualified staff, able to formulate and produce specialty chemicals customized for each cycle of the industry. Well-equipped laboratory able to verify each request and offer immediate and effective solutions.

The optimization of industrial processes with specific and innovative products is our goal. Our research and development laboratories, aimed at solving Customers difficulties, work to highlight, improve and optimize products.


Specialized in the water treatment and coating  pretretaments  

The range of NOXOR products includes flocculants, polyelectrolytes, denaturing agents, phosphatings, nanotechnology solutions, picklers, paint removers,degreasers for manual, interoperational, electrolytic, immersion, spray and ultrasonic cleanings.

NOXOR offers a particularly versatile approach to the market, with the advantage of providing a range of specific solutions tailored to individual needs and requirements, as identified together with our Customers.

Any action of NOXOR is aimed to customer requests,the process of adaptation to production cycles, meanwhile maintenance evolves on the basis of a relationship that has allowed us to constantly improve our know-how and experience.

The quality of NOXOR products provides efficient solutions in a highly competitive market.

Innovative chemical formulations highly biodegradable and low impact danger for users. The products thus formulated, along with the consultancy of installations for the recovery and reuse of water, provide an effective contribution to the preservation of Environment. 


We enhance new bonding technologies capable of responding to the increasingly advanced demands of material and design development. Our experience allows us to present a specific range of products with high technical application performance and high cohesion.

The advantages of these technologies represent an effective solution in the engineering phase of the product, making it possible to create current and future designs that become functional realities in industrial work cycles while respecting and safeguarding the Environment.