OMSG - Officine Meccaniche San Giorgio Spa

OMSG - Officine Meccaniche San Giorgio Spa

Via Pacinotti 52/52A
20035 Villa Cortese (MI) Italy

Phone: +39 0331 431500

About us

OMSG - Officine Meccaniche San Giorgio SpA designs and manufactures shot blast machines, automatic sandblasting systems and shot-peening machines.

The company was founded in 1961 and its headquarters is in Villa Cortese, in the province of Milan.

The OMSG group is composed by: OMSG Italy, CARLO BANFI (a company founded in Rescaldina in 1938) and the foreign branches OMSG DEUTSCHLAND Gmbh and OMSG FRANCE.

The group consists of about 80 people, 2 production plants and a world market of about 110 shot blasting machines / year.

We export our machines to more than 90 Countries and,until now, we have installed more than 9,000 shot blasting machines in the world, including OMSG and CARLO BANFI.

Among the models of shot blasting machines manufatured by OMSG group, we can mention: rotary table shot blasting machines, hook shot blasting machine, hoist shot blasting machines, roller conveyor shot blasting machines, tunnel shot blasting machines, Tumblast rubber belt shot blasting machines, Tumblast steel belt shot blasting machines, Wire mesh belt conveyor shot blasting machines, diabolo roller shot blasting machines, shot blasting machines for wire in continuous, shot blasting machines for wire in coil , carousel shot blasting machines, complete line shot blasting + painting.

OMSG and CARLO BANFI can guarantee an After-sales Service and spare parts, prompt and punctual thanks to its sales network made up of more than 30 distributors in the world.

The original OMSG and CARLO BANFI spare parts guarantee the best results in terms of blasting quality and life of the machine.

OMSG also has a section dedicated to the revamping and sale of Second hand shot blasting machines, used blasting machines, reconditioned and guaranteed.