ST Powder Coatings Srl

ST Powder Coatings Srl

Via E. Segre' 46
36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI) Italy

Phone: +39 0444 165400

About us

ST Powder Coatings – a manufacturer of powder coatings with the prestigious Award of Excellence for the integrated management of business processes. We have a strong presence on the Italian and European market with over 9,000 products developed, of which 700 codes in stock always available. The wide range of ST powder coatings includes standard items, epoxies, epoxy-polyester, industrial polyesters and Qualicoat certified, polyurethane and silicone in full color, in RAL colors and customized colors, as well as special articles with these effects: metallic, bonded, marbled and chrome bronze, sparkling, fluorescent, pearlescent, transparent, colored transparent, iridescent and many others. The strengths of the company are:

  • Green Products
  • High quality
  • Cutting-edge technology both in production and in IT
  • Highly qualified and competent personnel
  • Development of innovative products from both the functional and aesthetic point of view
  • Flexibility, timeliness and punctuality
  • Maximum customer orientation and service.