ST Powder Coatings S.p.A.

ST Powder Coatings S.p.A.

Via Emilio Segrè 46
36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI) Italy

Phone: +39 0444 165400

About us

Powder coatings made by ST Powder Coatings are produced as polyester, epoxy-polyester, epoxy, polyurethane and silicone systems, in a wide range of shades and with different gloss levels. The range of colours includes both standard and special articles, from super matt to glossy, passing through semi-matt and semi-gloss, from a smooth finish to a rusticated, wrinkled, damask, marbled and hammered finish. The company can boast of a specialized department for the production of metallized and bonderized special items. 

The range of special products includes items with chrome and bronze, sparkling, micaceous, fluorescent, pearlescent, transparent, coloured transparent, iridescent effects and many others.

ST Powder Coatings laboratories are able to customize the final product to meet all customer's needs and suggest new products able to anticipate future needs. The products currently developed are more than 16,000, of which about 700 items are on stock, immediately available even in the minimum quantity of a single box.

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