Tecnofirma Spa

Viale Elvezia 35
20900 Monza (MB) Italy

Phone: +39 039 23601
Email: tecnofirma@tecnofirma.com
Website: http://www.tecnofirma.com/

About us

Tecnofirma S.p.A. has been on the market in the field of surface treatments for more than seventy years with a wide range of industrial solutions including washing, painting and impregnation machines. Specialized in automotive industry, Tecnofirma treats metal and plastic surfaces of various market sectors. Tecnofirma designs and manufactures not only standard machines but customer-tailored made machines.

Tecnofirma production program includes: Washing: spray machines, booth machines, tunnel machines, dipping machines, ultrasounds machines, drum machines, hydrokinetic machines, positioned booth machines, precision washing, with anthropomorphic robot, lift and carry machines, free roller machines, rotating platform machines, high pressure deburring and washing machines, machines for large -sized components.

Coating: dipping, anaphoresis, cataphoresis, spray machines, powder spray machines, liquid spray machines, liquid with UV spray machines, special painting for plastic.

Impregnation for electric motors (Winding and Hairpin): Trickling, Flexible Trickling, Roll Dip, Dipping, Powder Coating and Gel Coating.