Via Cavalese 6
20010 Canegrate MI - Italy
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Shot blasting machines

About us

TOSCA srl. is a competent, reliable dynamic Company which is specialized in the production of shot-blasting machines and shot blasting plants plants. It is located in Canegrate, on the north Western suburbs of Milan, where it has a site area of 30,000 m2. were its production facility extends up to 10,000 m2.
The TOSCA shot blasting machines are used in a wide range, continuosly growing, of industrial applications. Some of the most usual industrial applications are the cleaning and de-scaling of: metal sheet, extruded metal barson drawning line, pipes, structural steel works, heat treated pieces painting preparation; wires and bars de-scaling for drawing preparation at rolling mill installatioon; surface preparation (rugosity) paint removal; foundry castings desanding, deburring and cleaning of aluminium and bronze die castings; shot cleaning and surface treatment of tiles, stone, concrete, marble or agglomerates, etc.

Company Profile

The Company has a higly competent engineering and production team. It has an extensive sales network and a reference of over 5,000 world-wide shot blasting machine installation.
These facts make TOSCA one of the leading companies in the turbine shot-blasting machine business. TOSCA has extensive, well equipped construction and welding shops, where it makes all the steel metalworks for its equipment and accessories. High quality special steels grade is used.
The Company can carry out the full range of works required by its business. The construction shop are supported by a machining tool department, automatic plasma cutting machine, a painting department and a large assembly shop. This is provided with pits, so that large plants can be assembled and tested along with the customer before the delivery. The main components subject to wear of the TOSCA shot-blasting machine/equipment are all made of wear resistant steel and/or cast iron alloys containing high percentage of Manganese, Chrome and Molibdenium.