Adapta Presents the ETERNAL Collection

Date: 24/08/2020

Adapta has launched its new ETERNAL Collection within the VIVENDI UDS range for architectural planning and design.

ETERNAL, the new colour collection launched by Adapta®, is part of the VIVENDI® UDS (Ultra Durable System) range for architectural planning and design. The colours of the collection boast a two-coat system which provides excellent durability. Also, the application of a second layer of transparent Eternal clear coat provides an excellent chemical resistance. Furthermore, all the colours have been developed with Adapta Bonding System® Technology, which provides and guarantees a homogeneous visual effect.

Colour and gloss resist to light in compliance with international quality specifications such as Qualicoat Class 3, GSB Premium and AAMA 2605-17. In fact, after 3.000 hours Suntest and 2.000 hours QUV the gloss retention is among 50%-90% depending on the colour.

The collection bears an environmental product declaration (EPD) and has been certified pursuant to standard ISO 16000-9:2006, having been awarded an A+ rating for extremely low emissions in indoor environments.

The interference colours, capable of varying their chromaticity in accordance with the direction of the light and the viewing angle, stand out among the wide range of finishes provided by the collection.

The interaction between the absorption and reflection of the light produces fascinating effects, perceptible even in poor light and intensified on spherical and curved-contour objects. Moreover, the continuous changes in the colour of the coating transfer the sensation of movement to the shapes, overcoming the intrinsic immobility of the architectural elements, in a random intermix of a variety of colours, effects and shades.

Also, the collection's colour spectrum can be extended combining the colours with a transparent matt or gloss Eternal clear coat.