Axalta Presents Alesta® ZeroZinc Uniprime

Date: 18/05/2022

Axalta's Alesta® ZeroZinc primer range grows with the addition of Uniprime, the world's first universal thermosetting powder primer available worldwide.

Axalta, a supplier of liquid and powder coatings, has launched Alesta® ZeroZinc UniPrime in the EMEA region. UniPrime is the latest addition to Alesta® ZeroZinc primer portfolio and it is the first premium universal thermosetting powder primer available worldwide.

As the other products in the Alesta® ZeroZinc range, ZeroZinc UniPrime is formulated with High Density Crosslinking (HDC) technology which provides corrosion protection and helps extend the life of painted structures. UniPrime is also easy to apply.

“The versatile ZeroZinc UniPrime enables the use of a single primer for any substrate – black steel, galvanized steel, metalized steel, aluminium, etc. This improves stock control, increases productivity, and helps cashflow”, said Guillaume Tissot, Powder Marketing Manager Industrial EMEA.

“Uniprime is the ‘all-round’ product for job coaters. From the buyer to the shop manager to the painter: it’s simple with a single product that covers all substrates. This simplifies production, avoids confusion and human error, and facilitates daily handling by the operators. It also ensures quality thanks to its proven coating and anti-corrosion performance”, declared Julien Marti, Product Manager, Axalta Coating Systems France S.A.S.