Cetec Launched the Powder Coating Recovery Centre CRT Vortex

Date: 24/05/2024
Photo of CRT Vortex powder coating recovery centre by Cetec

The new powder coating recovery centre developed by Cetec can reduce costs and make coating operations more sustainable.

The industrial coating equipment manufacturer Cetec has recently launched the new powder coating recovery centre CRT Vortex, which reduces the environmental impact of the painting process and increases operational efficiency, as it minimises waste and downtime during material changes.

The newly-developed powder coating centre can automatically capture excess paint inside the coating booth. As a matter of fact, the material to be purified passes through a vibrating sieve with 40 to 120 mesh at an angle that creates a rotating flow. Then, with the help of a vibrating base, the purified paint is dosed into the virgin material tank.

Moreover, CRT Vortex can be installed in any electrostatic powder coating booth model and takes up less space on the production line than similar equipment available on the market today. It is a completely closed system - which prevents contamination of the coating by external agents.

“This process guarantees the final quality of the painting, as it maintains the powder paint within the application standards recommended by each manufacturer. In addition, this type of system allows for rigorous control of paint quality, ensuring greater consistency in the finish of painted parts. As it is a 100% national solution, the CRT Vortex has a price of up to 30% lower than that of imported systems,” has explained Eduardo Cernic, Director of Cetec.