Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Launches a New Data Management System

Date: 31/03/2021

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has developed Viledon Process View, a new versatile data management system created to enable customers to monitor the filtration system and the overall coating process.

In order to make digitally documenting the performance of a filter system more convenient and simpler, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies developed Viledon Process View, a new data management system.

One of the features of this system is the “Vi.P. View app”, which allows customers to have always access to real-time, essential data on the filters being used, by scanning the QR code on the equipment.

The background data management system also allows to view and store technical information covering filter stages and elements, filter tests, maintenance and process parameters.

Measured values such as pressure differences or air velocities, as well as information on previous filter changes, provide a complete overview and form a sound basis for determining the condition of the system.

Efficient analysis improves response time and maintenance quality, while filter service life and energy consumption are also optimized.

“This offering is a further extension of our innovative Viledon filterCair filter management system. We have now added a crucial component and achieved an intelligent industry 4.0 standard”, explained Christian Westenburger, Global Innovation Manager Surface Treatment.

The measurement data stored in the system during tests is immediately available and can be displayed and examined accordingly, consequently eliminating weak points.

“Thanks to this intelligent and innovative platform, we are able to give our customers the decisive advantage of monitoring, evaluating and planning their processes in a future-oriented environment. The system ensures a stable overall process”, said Westenburger.