Gerdau Graphene Launches the Anticorrosive Chemical Additive NanoCORR Shield for Solvent-Based Coatings

Date: 12/06/2024
Image of Anticorrosive Chemical Additive NanoCORR Shield for Solvent-Based Coatings

Gerdau's NanoCORR improves anticorrosive performance with a lower chemical dosage and makes paint production more sustainable.

Gerdau Graphene has recently launched NanoCORR Shield: a graphene-enhanced anticorrosive chemical additive for solvent-based anticorrosive coatings. The new product demonstrated a 30-70% increase in corrosion resistance in salt spray tests.

In fact, the addition of a small amount of graphene – an ultra-strong carbon nanomaterial – in paints and coatings increases the barrier effect against corrosive elements such as water, oxygen and chlorides. In addition, NanoCORR reduces paint consumption by reducing the nominal thickness of the coating, while maintaining the performance of the paint or coating.

“NanoCORR offers a quality solution to combat corrosion and extend the useful life of metal structures, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and associated costs. Its positive impact goes beyond protection against corrosion, promoting sustainability and economic efficiency in multiple sectors,” has stated Alessandra Zanuto, Technical Manager of Products and Sales of Chemical Additives at Gerdau Graphene.

Moreover, NanoCORR complements Gerdau's growing line of chemical additives for the paint and coatings market, which includes the anti-corrosion additive G2D NanoCORR for water-based paints and coatings, G2D NanoLAV W107 and G2D NanoDUR W102.

“G2D NanoCORR Shield was designed to help producers deliver ultra-high-performance paint and coating products while reducing the use of non-sustainable inputs such as heavy metals. This product joins our expanding portfolio of additives serving the paints and coatings market and underscores our commitment to developing innovative, sustainable graphene-based solutions for this industry,” has added Valdirene Peressinotto, Executive and Innovation Director at Gerdau Graphene.