Lubrizol Launched the PowderAdd™ 9780 Additive for Powder Coatings

Date: 08/07/2024
photo of a colour palette

The newly-developed additive for powder coatings PowderAdd™ 9780 from Lubrizol allows formulators to achieve fine texturing effects for industrial OEM applications.

Lubrizol has recently launched PowderAdd 9780, a PTFE-free wax additive for powder coating formulations that can provide several benefits for industrial OEM applications.

As a matter of fact, it delivers fine texturing effects for a unique visual appearance. In addition, it enhances scratch resistance, slip control and marking resistance, as well as reduces complexity by eliminating the need for additional matting agents.

“The combination of fine texturing capabilities, matting efficiency, and surface protection in a single product enable powder coating formulators to achieve outstanding value. We look forward to collaborating with customers to explore how PowderAdd 9780 texturing agent can enhance their product offerings,” has stated Bill Ruth, technical marketing manager at Lubrizol.

The Lubrizol Corporation develops dispersants, resins, wax additives, specialty additives and color dispersions for paints and coatings. The company is committed to delivering sustainable solutions to advance mobility, improve wellbeing and enhance modern life.