May in review

Date: 11/06/2021
Categories: ipcm

A hectic month but full of satisfactions and news.

For the editors of ipcm®, the month of May is always marked by great excitement and numerous business trips that will allow to create the reports and technical articles hosted in the magazines released at the end of the month. Among these there is one of the most important issues of the year: the automotive special.

Issue no. 69 of ipcm®_International Paint & Coating Magazine boasts many in-depth articles dedicated to coatings for the automotive sector, including an extensive report on the painting of the latest dream car for all MC20 enthusiasts: the first Maserati 100% Made in Modena.

This rich issue also contains the ICT_Industrial Cleaning Technologies insert, dedicated to washing and cleaning components from to the automotive world.

Finally, we concluded the month with the publication of the Spanish and Portuguese newspapers ipcm®_Ibérica and ipcm®_LatinoAmérica.

The first video-interview with Paola Giraldo, co-founder and coordinator of ipcm® Academy

On May 25th, Alessia Venturi, editor-in-chief of ipcm® magazines, interviewed Paola Giraldo, co-founder and coordinator of ipcm® Academy, to retrace the story of how, from a simple idea born in 2011, the training courses of ipcm® Academy have turned into a very successful project, which saw the participation of over 130 companies and which, since last year, has been recognised for training the new professional figure of Industrial Surface Finishing Processes Technician , included in the QRSP (Regional Framework of Professional Standards) of the Italian Lombardy Region and recognised at national and European level.

New strategies and new achievements on social media

Social media have always been very important platforms for ipcm®, in order to spread knowledge and innovation in the surface treatment sector. This month, we surpassed 3,500 followers on LinkedIn's ipcm® International Paint & Coating Magazine company page, on which we publish daily news and insights from companies within the industry, as well as all the news from the ipcm® world.

Moreover, our most loyal followers on Instagram and Facebook may have noticed a change of course in the content posted. In the era of infotainment - a neologism created from the merger of the terms information and entertainment - an effective social media marketing strategy cannot focus solely on content without paying attention to how it is presented. This is why we pay meticulous attention to the selection of topics and to the most appropriate format (videos, carousels, infographics, stories, etc.) to better communicate the industry and make it accessible also to a less experienced audience, that is however curious to understand the world of surface treatments more closely.

ipcm® at the British Library

Another important recognition received this month concerns the British Library. The National Library of the United Kingdom, one of the most prestigious research libraries in the world, has contacted us to inform us that all 69 issues of ipcm® are browsable in their archive.

A new colleague ... a biped one this time!

To conclude, if last month we introduced you to Falkor, the Miniature Schnauzer puppy who joined the ipcm® family, this month we welcomed a new member of the editorial team: Gabriele. He has already contributed to the latest issue of ipcm® and is also helping managing our social media channels.