Out Now Corrosion Protection 05!

Date: 19/01/2024
Categories: ipcm
Mock-up of Corrosion Protection Magazine n.05 - January 2024

Read the latest issue of the magazine dedicated to corrosion prediction, prevention, protection and mitigation!

Last year saw the publication of the first issue of Corrosion Protection, the new ipcm®-branded technical-scientific magazine devoted to corrosion prediction, prevention, protection and mitigation – a journal designed to illustrate the product, process, technology and service-related challenges the corrosion protection industry faces every day.

In the space of twelve months, Corrosion Protection has established a very good reputation in the market, attracting new advertisers, numerous scientific reports from professors and researchers around the world and media partnerships with many new international events, all extremely relevant to the industries in which corrosion control is involved.

We went all the way to the Asia-Pacific region – more precisely to Indonesia – for the Pacific Coatings Show and next February we will participate for the first time in MECOC - Middle East Metallurgy Corrosion & Coatings EXPO in Abu Dhabi. Such a wide distribution is an added value for our content and for our advertisers, who can find in Corrosion Protection a refined journal, with an attractive look and style far removed from those of traditional technical magazines, and capable of combining the advantages of digital circulation with the practicality of its printed version, in order to reach all players in this sector in a capillary manner.

We are pleased to share some feedback we have received from our readers this year and we sure that the upcoming publishing year, starting with this January issue, will be just as fruitful.

“I applaud your very elegant editorial style. Thank you for your dedicated, active attention” - Prof. Pierluigi Bonora.

“Good job and valuable magazine. Congratulations. You are publishing a good magazine and if I can do anything, I will do it for you and your good team” - Prof. Hadi Beirami,

“I am honoured that Corrosion Protection magazine has found value in our content. We at INSPENET are pleased to be featured in your magazine and see no issue with sharing information. I want to extend a congratulation for your site and magazine. I visited your website and it has a lot of important values to the corrosion and coating sector” - Antonio Zavarce, the director of operations for INSPENET.

“Congratulations on the successful transformation of ipcm into Corrosion Protection magazine” - Heiko Reski, the sales manager of Blastman.