Out Now Issue n. 1 of Corrosion Protection

Date: 01/02/2023
Categories: ipcm
Coverpage of Corrosion Protection Magazine N.1 - January 2023

Read the newest issue of the magazine dedicated to corrosion prediction, prevention, protection and mitigation. Special edition on infrastructures!

Welcome Corrosion Protection!

After a one-year long design and conception process, the new ipcm®-branded technical-scientifical magazine dedicated to corrosion prediction, prevention, protection and mitigation has finally seen the light.

The many ones of you who received the last issue of ipcm®_Protective Coatings – the predecessor of Corrosion Protection – a couple of weeks ago, already know what is going on. For our new readers, here is a short introduction to this new editorial project.

The new Corrosion Protection offers increasingly selected content, encompassing the entire world of corrosion protection in terms of products, processes, technologies, and services; in-depth technical insights by internationally recognised lecturers and industry experts; a new publication schedule designed to facilitate its distribution in key sectors; a global distribution in key markets around the world with both a digital and a printed circulation; a completely revamped, more dynamic layout design.

A new publication schedule and a new editorial calendar

In every issue of the magazine, you can find highly technical and scientific issues dedicated to the corrosion protection and surface treatment within the heavy-duty industry. Three out of four issue also feature a special focus on some specific industries. These issues are distributed at specific trade fairs and events, relating to the focus, of which Corrosion Protection is media partner with its own booth or press corner. January issue focuses on corrosion protection for infrastructures (bridges, highways, railways, tunnels, pipelines, water networks). An issue focused on the energy industry and one on the marine industry will follow in April and July.

Each section of the magazine is thought to present a specific kind of content, may it be a report from a fair, a success story, a product news or an in-depth analysis. In particular, Science Outlook is the section in which you can find the articles written by lecturers and professors; Cover Story is the one in which you can find the articles covered and written by us.

A new coverpage

More visibility for our customers. A better visual representation of the focus of the magazine.

These were the two principles at the basis of the redesign of the cover page, which is now a Z folded coverpage. While we will use the front coverpage to better express the target and focus of each issue and highlight its content, companies that wish to promote their brand and products will be able to exploit the double page of the Z folded coverpage.

This said, what you are about to read right now is a rebranded and renewed magazine to describe the challenges that the corrosion protection industry faces every day in terms of products, processes, technologies, and services.

We leave to you the pleasure to discover the new elegant graphic layout and to enjoy reading the curated, valuable and engaging content of this issue.