President & CEO of American Coatings Association Awarded with Silver Medal by BCF

Date: 17/06/2024
Categories: Corporate
photo of Andy Doyle, Tom Bowtell

Andy Doyle, President and CEO of American Coatings Association, has been awarded with a Silver Medal during the British Coatings Federation Conference held in Manchester on 23rd May 2024.

The American Coatings Association President and CEO, Andy Doyle, has recently received a Silver Medal from the British Coatings Federation (BCF) for representing the federation on the European stage and for maintaining its high-profile with international associations. Additionally, Andy Doyle has contributed to the research and understanding of Coatings Care and PaintCare.

“I’m extremely honoured and humbled by this recognition from the BCF. I have always felt that our two organisations share a special bond. The BCF is an exceptional association, deftly led by their CEO Tom Bowtell and admired not only in the UK but globally as well. I am very grateful for the many years of friendship and have greatly enjoyed the chance to work alongside a terrific BCF team,” has commented Andy Doyle, President and CEO of American Coatings Association.

Andy Doyle was instrumental in the founding of the World Coatings Council in 1992 before becoming president and has been involved with the BCF throughout the same period. The unique relationship between the has proved invaluable, both in and out of the European Union.

“Andy exemplifies the commitment to the industry that the Silver Medal was developed to recognise. He has been a prominent figure in the global coatings industry and is a huge advocate for the BCF. We would like to thank Andy for his support and expertise throughout the years and congratulate him on this very much deserved accolade,” has added Tom Bowtell, CEO of the BCF.