Stardust's Ongoing Commitment Despite the Difficulties in Sourcing Raw Materials

Date: 28/04/2021
Categories: Corporate

Despite the great uncertainty in terms of the availability of numerous raw materials, the manufacturer of powder coatings Stardust is committed to guaranteeing an attentive, reliable and timely service.

For some time now, paint and coatings manufacturers all over the world have been facing a series of problems in the availability of some basic raw materials for the production of coating products. The difficulties mainly due to the growing demand for raw materials, due to a faster than expected market recovery, especially in China, and to the difficulty in finding and transporting them have caused an increase in the price of raw materials and consequently in the final cost of the coating product.

In this scenario of uncertainty, the powder coatings manufacturer Stardust has invested in improving production efficiency, boosted productivity – reorganizing production in a just-in-time perspective – and further consolidated its relationship with suppliers, a factor that guarantees the company a constant supply of raw materials even in such a difficult time.

“Our sector is experiencing a moment of great instability in the availability of raw materials. A situation that caused an increase in their price and that surprised the entire production chain, from suppliers of raw materials to coating manufacturers. Despite the persistence of this uncertain situation, we have worked hard in order to ensure the supply to all our customers in the required times. Customers and distributors have recognized and appreciated our effort, the support and reliability shown in this difficult situation and we can only be grateful for the trust placed in Stardust", said Guido Pozzoli, CEO of Stardust Powder Coatings.