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DN Chemicals Srl

Via Bruno Buozzi 2
20049 Caleppio di Settala (MI) Italy

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The industrial coating sector is undoubtedly a complex market, rich in nuances and still with wide margins of growth. Like many other industrial sectors, it is greatly affected by technological innovations. Changes and transformations are therefore a constant that any firm should take into account to develop effective strategies for the achievement of its objectives. Very often, collaboration between companies proved to be a winning choice to attain both individual and common goals and give added value even to products already known and established on the market. This was the objective of two companies with over thirty years of history that decided to embark on a path of cooperation: Dollmar Spa (Caleppio di Settala, MI, Italy), established in 1947 and specialising in surface pre-treatment solutions, and Noxorsokem Group Srl (Cusano di Zoppola, PN, Italy), established in 1983 and specialising in industrial chemicals for the waste water treatment and paint stripping processes. The two firms, which had long been collaborating in terms of sales and marketing, combined their activities and skills into one company, DN Chemicals, which represents a further step forward, providing a sense of continuity between past, present, and future while emphasising the presence of a new, specialised structure. The new operational structure, equipped with two R&D laboratories, will be able to provide complete surface pre-treatment, paint stripping, nanotechnologies, water treatment and paint stripping solutions, thus providing the customer with a complete service. This plurality of products is enriched by greater territorial coverage guaranteed by the cooperation between the sales forces and by the synergies at a production, development and technical assistance level that have been created. DN CHEMICALS offers an important synergistic value that allows greater specialization and specific identification. Active collaboration for a future of growth: during the expansion phases that led to the creation of this new reality, what emerged was the exchange of experiences that today allows DN CHEMICALS to represent a strong, dynamic and functional company, with a wide range of products, suitable for multiple industries and able to meet the most diverse needs. Proactivity and versatility allow us to better plan the future strategies of this growing business.