PPG Industries Italia S.r.l.

PPG Industries Italia S.r.l.

Via dell'Elettronica, 5
28924 Verbania Fondotoce (VB) Italy

Telefone: +39 0323 58901
Email: ic-emea@ppg.com
Site da internet: https://www.ppgindustrialcoatings.com

Quem somos

PPG is a global company, working every day to develop and deliver the paints, coatings and specialty materials that our customers have trusted for 140 years.

PPG’s new European Central Powder Coatings Research and Development (R&D) Center in Milan, Italy, is focused on developing innovating powder coatings with advanced powder technologies with best-in-class customer and technical support.

PPG’s powder manufacturing plant in Verbania, Italy, includes also metallic bonding, one of the fastest growing markets for powder coatings often used in specialty finishes for architectural, automotive, appliance and general industrial applications

Over the years, PPG’s Industrial Coatings business has built a reputation for innovative, high-performance products and world-class service that address customers’ toughest challenges, from performance to production, from aesthetics to sustainability. Today, it serves the world’s top designers and manufacturers with an enduring commitment to durability, aesthetics and color for a wide range of products and markets.

PPG is one of the only total solutions providers that can supply powder coatings and all other coatings technologies, including pretreatment, electrocoat, liquid coatings, additives and adhesives.

For more than 30 years, PPG has provided manufacturers and custom coaters with pioneering powder coatings that combine beautiful finishes with exceptional protection performance.

Our comprehensive mix of acrylics, epoxies, epoxy polyester hybrids, polyesters, urethanes and fluoropolymers provide a protective barrier that resists marring, weathering, corrosion and abrasion. PPG's economical powder coatings are available in a wide variety of colors, glosses and finishes.

Specifically formulated without solvents, PPG's family of specialty powder coatings include low-cure, high-transfer efficiency, one-coat extreme protection for sharp edges, dielectric powder and ultradurable powder technology for automotive trim.

From appliances to automobiles, PPG powder coatings deliver protection and aesthetics that endure.

Powder coatings are a highly sustainable product offering with enhanced durability, transfer efficiency and the ability to be reclaimed or reused during application. In an ongoing commitment to sustainable innovations that exceed customer needs, PPG is investing in powder capabilities across the globe.