Alternatives to Fluorosurfactants for various end applications such as Wood and Architectural Coatings

Date: 08/06/2023
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Excellent reduction in surface tension, perfect substrate wetting, improved flow, leveling and outstanding anti- cratering properties are the key elements of Evonik’s silicone-based substrate wetting additives. These attributes make this additive family ideally suitable for the application field of classical fluorosurfactants. Especially TEGO® Twin 4100 - very well known for its outstanding anti-cratering effect - performs on eye level with fluorosurfactants.

In applied coating films, craters can occur due to contamination in the coating material or on the substrate to be coated. Often the source of the contamination is unknown. By addition of TEGO® Twin 4100 to the coating formulation these contamination craters can be eliminated by the excellent anti-crater effect of this substrate wetting additive.

By significant reduction in static surface tension of the coating formulation TEGO® Twin 4100 supports wetting of different substrates such as wood, plastic, metal or other difficult to wet surfaces. Because of its well-balanced compatibility profile, TEGO® Twin 4100 shows less tendency to stabilize foam in a coating formulation – which is an additional special attribute of this substrate wetting additive.

TEGO® Twin 4100 ​– Outstanding product for perfect Wood Coatings

TEGO® Twin 4100 is a liquid product with 100% active matter content and no added solvents or biocides and ensures easy handling. These attributes and a broad compatibility with different binder technologies allows the use of TEGO® Twin 4100 in waterborne, solventborne and radiation curing formulations.

TEGO® Twin 4100 is based on a specialty Siloxane- Gemini Technology. The benefits of both, the Gemini surfactants and Siloxane surfactants are combined in one molecule resulting in the unique application profile.

Figure 1: Anti-crater effect in contaminated waterborne clear 2Pack PU furniture coating

TEGO® Twin 4100 key properties:

  • Excellent reduction of surface tension
  • Outstanding anti-crater effect
  • Strong substrate wetting with improved flow and leveling effect
  • Very little to no foam stabilization
  • Highly effective and easy to incorporate
  • Universal use

Evonik offers a broad family of siloxane- or organic chemistry-based substrate wetting additives to follow regulatory challenges today and in the future.

Depending on required technical performance, products such as TEGO® Wet 270, TEGO® Wet 240 and DYNOL™ 980 can complete the selection on fluorosurfactant alternatives.

Figure 2: Product overview at a glance

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