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Date: 08/03/2023
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COATINO® Campus - The new standard for knowledge transfer in the coatings and inks industry!

COATINO® Campus, the information and learning platform of Evonik, gives access to training and information that

  • simplify formulation work
  • save time
  • lead to better coating and ink performance

It’s never been so easy to learn how additives work, how to test, choose, and handle them. Experts as well as beginners can benefit from the wide range of courses in various attractive formats. It is easy to navigate, flexible and free of charge. 

COATINO® Campus provides several attractive interactive eLearning modules on the key topics of defoaming, matting, substrate wetting, rheology control and regulatory framework in the coatings and inks industry.

The popular series is continued: "DISPERSION OF PIGMENTS – Part 2" is available now! Part 1 & 2 form a perfect package and cover a wide range of topics from theoretical basics to practical aspects. Each module works independently and can be completed on its own.

Have a closer look!


This eLearning covers the basics of pigments, color and hiding power in coatings and inks, as well as the basics of dispersing additives and their working mechanism. It lays the indispensable foundation for the second module.

Just one click to the eLearning “DISPERSION OF PIGMENTS - Part 1” 


In Part 2 you learn about important practical aspects. The eLearning covers the basics of pigment grinding, the formulation of the mill-base and the most important test methods for assessing the dispersing quality.

Just one click to the eLearning “DISPERSION OF PIGMENTS - Part 2”

Do not hesitate and start your journey to conquer the world of pigment dispersion!

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