ALIT Technologies Spa

ALIT Technologies Spa

Via Cavalieri D'Italia 7
37047 San Bonifacio (VR) Italy

Phone: +39 045 2456638

About us

Alit Technologies: Break the mold of industrial paint stripping! 

We are the beating heart of chemical innovation and revolutionary paint stripping processes. Rooted in northeastern Italy, our impact extends globally, building bridges between the automotive, metalworking and painting worlds. We are not just manufacturers, we are architects of custom paint stripping solutions. Check out our arsenal of chemical paint strippers and systems designed to unhinge the most complex challenges in industrial paint removal. 

Join the Alit Technologies revolution and redefine paint stripping standards!



  • Fastrip T5

    Immersion tank for chemical paint stripping processes

  • Fastrip ISP

    In-line system for the chemical stripping of hooks and frames used in electrostatic coating processes

  • Drizzling

    Dosing system for the passivation of aluminium parts

  • Metalstrip

    Line of high-performing products for the chemical stripping of metals

  • Fastrip T2

    Ultrasonic stripping systems

  • Fastrip S

    Spray system for the chemical stripping of metals