ALIT Technologies Srl

ALIT Technologies Srl

Via Cavalieri D'Italia 7
37047 San Bonifacio (VR) Italy

Phone: +39 045 2456638

About us

From its headquarters in the Northeast of Italy, in the province of Verona, Alit Technologies brings a long-awaited news from automotive, metalworking, and painting companies: they can now restore the parts that have been badly painted, effectively and at an affordable cost, without wasting time. 

Specialist in the chemical paint stripping of metal surfaces and privileged partner of countless industries in the world, Alit Technologies confirms itself as a champion in proposing innovative in-line chemical paint stripping systems and producing high-performance and low environmental-impact products. 

The Fastrip line up of machines by Alit is an industrial concept that offer endless possibilities for customization. They integrate perfectly with existing production lines or become a service in themselves, for those who recognize the professional paint stripping service as a business of the future. In addition, the certainty of a continuous consultancy over time and Alit’s Metalstrip line of products, optimize the machines’ performance.