AOM-Systems GmbH

AOM-Systems GmbH

Benzstrasse 4
64646 Heppenheim Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 6252 9809075

About us

Since 2013, AOM-Systems (Advanced Optical Measurement Systems) has been involved in droplet and Spray measurements. The company has developed into a renowned address for droplet and spray measurement technology. The development of the SpraySpy® LabLine, an easy to use and ATEX conform measurement technology has had a major influence on droplet and spray analytics. The latest innovation from AOM-Systems, the integrated measurement of transparent and non-transparent droplets, makes the development of sprays even more efficient and sustainable. 

The newly developed SpraySpy® ProcessLine, for the application in production lines, monitors spray anomalies and provides digitization data inline and in real time. In addition, SpraySpy® is equipped with the SprayAI® artificial intelligence, and supports the data-driven coating process of current and future generations of coating technologies.

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