Graco Distribution BVBA

Graco Distribution BVBA

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3630 Maasmechelen Belgium

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About us

The most common fluid we all know is water. In Graco's world the definition of fluid goes way beyond that. Fluids may contain particles and can sometimes also be thick and pasty. Graco's innovative technologies are designed to handle these fluids and enable you to achieve your objectives successfully. Processing food and cosmetics, applying coatings on walls, furniture, cars, boats, trains and airplanes, marking lines on roads and sports fields, spraying insulation foam, sealing glass or gluing boxes, lubricating machinery – on-road or off-road, transferring chemicals from A to B, cleaning with high pressure… it's all about handling fluids!

Finishing: because you want a smooth, high quality finish for both your smallest objects and your biggest projects
A perfect coat of paint or a fine layer of varnish provides the finishing touch. It makes your surface shine and gives your products that high-quality look. From one component material to mixing and dosing plural components, Graco offers a wide range of options. Plural component material is mainly used when you need a more resistant top coat or a quick fluid curing time on your surface.
Electrostatic spraying is the perfect solution to offer a high-end paint finish such as on cars. Electrostatic guns charge the paint and make it wrap around the objects saving paint by reducing overspray. Every car plant has a paint circulation system to keep production going and Graco has pumps that provide the constant flow and pressure rate for paint materials.



  • E-Flo DC

    Dual Control Electric Circulating Pumps (Italian, English, German, Spanish)
  • Finishing Accessories

    High quality enhancements for Graco Finishing systems (Italian, English, German, Spanish)
  • Graco - Part of your daily life

    (Italian, English, German and Spanish)
  • Merkur

    High performance fine finishing packages (Italian, English, German, Spanish)
  • Pro Xp

    Electrostatic spray guns that deliver expert performance (Italian, English, German, Spanish)
  • ProMix 2KE

    Compact, entry level plural component proportioner (Italian, English, German, Spanish)
  • Triton

    High quality fine finish spray packages for wood and metal applications (Italian, English, German, Spanish)