Ibix Srl

Via Dell'industria 43
48022 Lugo (RA) Italy

Phone: +39 0545 994589
Email: info@ibix.it
Website: http://www.ibixindustrial.com/

About us

IBIX is a young, dynamic company, but nevertheless experienced and imbued with a marked business spirit and a remarkable customer-oriented approach that offers top quality products and services. Our company bases its entrepreneurial activities on three main pillars: a solid reputation, reliability, and ability to provide dedicated solutions. IBIX was born in 2000 as a challenge to the market, driven by founding members Caterina and Susanna Giovannini.

The company team, boasting a vast experience in the field of engineering and industrial design gained throughout its history, has fine-tuned a new sandblasting system which is the last word in technology and clearly more advantageous than any other system already known so far.

IBIX is the leading company in the special cleaning industry and its technology stands out for its versatile – lightweight equipment, easy to move around which facilitates working on site, for an array of applications in many fields, generating real business opportunities and professionalization for the users. These technical features soon become a direct competitive edge for the company that within a few years has expanded both nationally and globally.

Today IBIX is present in over 40 countries all over the world, with a reliable network of partners that share commitment and entrepreneurial view. In Italy the first franchising network has been launched, specialized in providing cleaning and consulting services to solve problems in connection with the recovery of building surfaces and the maintenance of urban cleanliness. Emphasis on products and services as well as unfailing quest to find new solutions. These are the features that turn IBIX into the best partner to reach excellent results in the world of restoration, special cleaning, urban cleanliness and industrial cleaning.