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About us

The vacuum treatment ensures the best environmental quality both in the work area and in the atmosphere. The vacuum ensures system tightness and the absence of any residue on the pieces. The vacuum treatment allows to reduce cycle times and the power used by the system with a 100% increase in production capacity. The vacuum treatment allows to degrease, clean and dry any kind of item perfectly, even in the presence of complex geometries, blind and capillary drilling, reducing solvent consumption drastically in comparison with atmospheric cycle washing machines; the solvent is not heat stressed and maintains its characteristics for a long time.

Thanks to its vacuum treatment cycle up to 1 millibar and its wide standard and optional ranges, the KP series systems are the best cleaning technology currently on the market. In the HMA version, the systems obtain optimum results in the most demanding applications as to required production volumes and contamination present.

Working completely in vacuum conditions, all systems are characterized by:

  • Continuous solvent filtration
  • Drying and deodorization of the shavings before opening the filter
  • Continuous solvent distillation
  • Continuous separation of the emulsion with automatic water discharge
  • Total separation of oil from solvent, with continuous automatic discharge
  • Operation data continuous detection
  • Remote connection via internet
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance purposes.