Kolzer Srl

Via Francia, 4
20093 Cologno Monzese (MI) Italy

Phone: +39 02 2543193
Email: info@kolzer.com
Website: http://www.kolzer.com

About us


We design and manufacture Vacuum Coating Machines in Milan since 1952 and currently we are recognized as a strong and consolidated leadership in the European and global market.

"Many years of experience allow us to have a broad and complete view of surface treatments in different application fields. We strongly believe in the value of technology transfer, so we do not hesitate to share our know-how with our customers to support them in their choices and be their 360 ° working partner in constant way".

We offer qualified Engineering for the supply of equipment, from the "compact productivity station" for small and medium-sized companies, up to in-line processes for high volumes or articles of large dimensions.