Monti-Werkzeuge Gmbh

Monti-Werkzeuge Gmbh

Reisertstrasse 21
55773 Hennef Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 2242 9090 630

About us

MONTI is a German company active since 1987 in the development, production and sale of rotary tools and bristles for steel preparation for coating for several markets, ranging from Marine, Industry, Infrastructures to Mobility.
With our products, outdoor blasting becomes a safe and efficient 1 person, 1 bristle, 1 hour, 1 m2 operation, in which the operator can visually see the cleanliness or roughness level achieved.
The solutions, which can be pneumatic, electric, cordless and waterdrive, are excellent for spot repair, weld preparation and other difficult surface preparations, including pipeline and field joints.
MONTI's innovations feature:

  • Bristle Blaster: able to reach a Sa 2.5 cleanliness above 50 micron Rz.
  • The MBX range: for roughness profiles below the 50 micron Rz similar to SP11 or St3 powertool cleaning.

MONTI-Werkzeuge Gmbh's trade name is MontiPower.
Around the world, MontiPower has direct sales offices in the US (Manassas, Houston), in Kolham (NL) and indirect sales offices in Macea (Brasil), Saltillo (Mexico), Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi, Bratislava and Tokyo.