PERO Aktiengesellschaft, P. Erbel Maschinen- und Apparatebau

PERO Aktiengesellschaft, P. Erbel Maschinen- und Apparatebau

Hunnenstraße 18
86343 Königsbrunn Germany

Phone: +49 8231 6011-0

About us

PERO AG – an innovative partner in industrial parts cleaning for more than 66 years! Pero's high-performance machines de-oil, degrease and clean workpieces in the individual stages of the production sequence and provide defined corrosion protection. A cleaning procedure which is optimally tailored to workpiece surface and material removes impurities caused by the production process – and reliably provides the required degree of technical cleanliness. The cleaning task is defined and the optimal cleaning procedure is developed in collaborative partnership with the user – always with consideration of their individual production processes and their benefit. More than 180 Pero employees ensure the highest technical standards and provide objective and expert advice. We would be happy to invite our Pero competence centre with Pero parts cleaning systems, to present alternative parts cleaning options.