Rösler Italiana Srl

Rösler Italiana Srl

Via Elio Vittorini, 10/12
20863 Concorezzo (MB) Italy

Phone: +39 039 611521
Email: marketing-it@rosler.com
Website: https://it.rosler.com/it-it/

About us

Rösler is the only surface finishing supplier in the world that offers the two most essential finishing technologies, mass finishing and shot blasting, as well as industrial washing systems and in-house production and development.

Rösler’s mass finishing systems are the best-selling systems in the world, thanks to their high level of innovation, cost-effectiveness and ability to significantly reduce cycle times. Significant cost reductions can be realized by using Rosler’s mass finishing systems, especially when used as a replacement for time consuming and labor intensive manual finishing processes.

Rösler blasting technology is characterized by intelligent design, innovative features and durable, long-lasting components. Rösler’s blasting technology machine program includes systems for precise pressurized air blasting, as well as blasting with highly efficient turbines.

Regarding additive manufacturing, AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology, a brand of the Rösler Group, offers equipment solutions for any post processing challenges irrespective of the print method and the component material.