Rösler Italiana Srl

Rösler Italiana Srl

Via Elio Vittorini 10/12
20863 Concorezzo (MB) Italy

Phone: +39 039 611521
Email: marketing-it@rosler.com
Website: http://www.rosler.it/

About us

'Improving surfaces' is the mission of Rösler Italiana, a company belonging to the Rösler Group. This leading multinational manufacturer of vibratory finishing and shot blasting systems has subsidiaries in 15 countries, 1,400 employees and a turnover of 200 million Euros. In Italy, the firm is a market leader in the vibratory finishing sector and aims at improving its position in the shot blasting one. The strength of the Concorezzo-based company is the ability to master both finishing technologies and, therefore, to optimise solutions and develop finishing processes that combine the action of the vibratory finishing and shot blasting techniques. By using both technologies, it is possible to modify any surface and meet all the requirements imposed by the industry. The combination of these techniques ensures excellent results even in the presence of very sophisticated requirements, such as, for example, shot peened parts to induce compressive residual stresses, but with extremely low roughness values due to specifications related to friction or contact with other parts.