Teknox Srl

Via Mori, 6
40054 Prunaro di Budrio (BO) Italy

Phone: 051 800862
Email: info@teknox.net
Website: www.teknox.net

About us

TEKNOX has been designing, manufacturing and proposing parts washers since 1968.

Founded as SME Srl, a pioneer in the production of small parts washers, in a short time it has developed more and more complex and dedicated washing plants, customized to the needs of the customer, crosswise turning to small, medium and large industries.

The production currently includes many different types of machines: by spray and by ultrasonic, single-stage and multistage, manual, semi-automatic and fully automated, integrated in robotic islands.
Thanks to the company's strong vocation for the optimization and computerization of the processes, Teknox plants are highly technological, equipped with PLC and Touchscreen, remote assistance and can be integrated into "Industry 4.0" processes.

Industrial categories

Cleaning plants and machines