Trasmetal Spa

Viale Monza 338
20128 Milano (MI) Italy

Phone: 02 270941

About us

The Trasmetal company, founded at the beginning of the Fifties, can be rightly considered, not only a "historical" company, but also as one of the most important businesses that operates today in Italy in the design and manufacture of painting and enameling plants.

With now almost fifty years of activity and after having built many hundreds of plants both in Italy and in many countries in every Continent, the know-how and the experience that Trasmetal has acquired in the design and in the construction of "Turn-key" finishing plants, truly have few matches in the World.

Trasmetal can supply finishing plants for the broadest range of surfaces, all based on the experience of many installations, that utilize the most diverse leading technologies and that range from the application of liquid, water or solvent borne paints, to spray or immersion coating, flow coating or electrophoresis, anodic or cathodic, polymerization in convection ovens, IR or UV cure, to the electrostatic application of powder enamels, both with traditional spray guns or the OFB disc, a device designed and patented by Trasmetal, up to the development of complete enameling plants. All this helps Trasmetal to orient and guide its Clients in the choice of the "custom" plant that best suits the requirements of each them for the protection and finishing of their products.

Trasmetal designs and builds complete plants for all surface finishing technologies, such as:

LIQUID PAINTS (water or solvent based), applied:

  • by spray methods
  • by immersion
  • by flow coating
  • by electrodepositing (anodic or cathodic)


  • with traditional equipment
  • with the OFB disc (Trasmetal patent)


  • by wet application
  • by dry application

The experience of Trasmetal includes the protection and finishing of all types of surface, from metallic to plastic, utilizing the most up to date technologies for each product such as, for example, the application in white chamber of transparent paints, polymerized with UV radiation on lenses and lights of motor vehicles.

Trasmetal, based on its rich and diversified experience, is today proud to offer its Clients a "Technical Support Service" that not only covers the usual requirements of supplying replacement parts and, when required, the intervention of specialist technical personnel, but is also capable of ensuring a constant monitoring of the status of the plant. By conducting periodic programmed visits of highly experienced technicians, we enable the users to program maintenance, and even more importantly, ensure the reliability and productivity of the plant avoiding sudden failures and consequential production losses. Furthermore, this constant close watch lets us monitor the changes in production requirements over time and suggests appropriate and timely changes to carry out to the installation to help it meet the new requirements.