On-site reports


Donelli Alexo Inaugurates a New Plant for Applying FBE Powder Linings on Oil & Gas and Drinking Water Valves

The Donelli Group, a pioneer in corrosion protection since 1911, has opened an innovative factory in Ferno (Varese, Italy): Donelli Alexo MXP. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it will be the company’s hub for the application of powders, including FBE powder coatings, on valve, tank, and pipe internal surfaces and of liquid paints on both these components and actuators for the oil & gas and drinking water sectors.

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Coating of Machines for Ice and Snow Removal at Bucher Municipal: Corrosion Resistance is the Key!

A mixed coating system with a zinc rich liquid base coat and a powder top coat, a mechanical pre-treatment process for controlled surface roughness, and a flexible plant designed by Eurotherm (Volpiano, Turin, Italy) in cooperation with Giletta’s technicians and the company’s advisor Fabio Balbo, owner of Tecniver: these are the technical choices made by Giletta Spa, a company of the Bucher Municipal Group, to meet two fundamental requirements for the production of its snow and ice removal machines: the qualitative one of corrosion resistance exceeding 2000 hours in salt spray tests and the operational one of a maximum of three weeks from order receipt to delivery of the finished machine.

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