AGM Joined the Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre

Date: 12/10/2021
Categories: Corporate
GEIC headquarter

AGM has joined GEIC, an engineering centre specialised in the development of graphene applications.

Applied Graphene Materials (AGM), manufacturer of specialty graphene nanoplatelet dispersions, has recently announced that it has joined the Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre (GEIC) at the University of Manchester as an associated Tier II Partner, thanks to the special conditions offered exclusively through The Graphene Council (TGC).

AGM has developed several graphene dispersion technologies for a wide range of applications, from high performance protective industrial coatings with anti-corrosion and chemical resistance capabilities to inks and printables, as well as green energy applications, specialty applications for enhanced electrical and thermal conductivity and advanced composites applications.

GEIC is an engineering centre specialised in the development and scale-up of graphene and 2D materials applications, while TGC is an independent global trade professional body that represents producers, researchers and end-users. AGM’s participation will accelerate the commercialisation of its portfolio and allow the company to share, but also gain access to, knowledge, facilities and expertise.

“AGM has developed expertise in dispersing graphenes in a range of liquid matrix systems in a way that makes them easy to deploy by our customers and delivers repeatable results. We welcome the opportunity to work with the Partners at the GEIC to rapidly progress industry engagement with graphene materials technology, particularly as the number of applications scenarios continues to grow,” stated Adrian Potts, Chief Executive Officer at AGM. “Bringing together the industry's collective knowledge and resources presents outstanding possibilities for graphene adoption.”

“We are very pleased AGM has chosen to take advantage of this opportunity offered exclusively through The Graphene Council and in partnership with the GEIC. We think this represents an ideal combination of key stakeholders needed to develop industry ready products,” added the Executive Director of The Graphene Council, Terrance Barkan.

“We are pleased to be working with the Graphene Council and a number of their associated companies including the recent addition of Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) to further build and develop the industry supply-chain and ecosystem needed to accelerate the adoption of graphene (and 2D materials) products and applications into the marketplace,” concluded James Baker, CEO of Graphene@Manchester and the Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre.