AkzoNobel Launches its Second Global Start-up Challenge

Date: 27/04/2021
Categories: Corporate

AkzoNobel announces the launch of Paint the Future’s second global start-up challenge.

Following the success of the 2019’s Paint the Future event, on May 18, AkzoNobel will launch Paint the Future’s second global start-up challenge. Start-ups will have to submit solutions addressing five challenge themes:

  • Enhanced functionality;
  • Customer experience;
  • Smart application;
  • Circular solutions;
  • Smart manufacturing and supply chain.

Following the launch of the challenge, exploration and enrichment of the submissions will continue through July 20. Then, select finalists will be invited to a collaboration event in late 2021, where the challenge winners will be announced.

Paint the Future is led by AkzoNobel and powered by thousands of connections around the world making it the industry’s largest collaborative innovation ecosystem.

“Paint the Future is our dedicated ecosystem designed to accelerate innovation in paints and coatings,” says Klaas Kruithof, Chief Technology Officer. “Our first global start-up challenge was a first for our industry and our ecosystem has grown amazingly since then to include 2,137 active members. It’s a launch pad for great ideas that’s attracted a diverse group of start-ups, suppliers, academia and customers.”

Those participating will have the chance to accelerate their solutions in the paints and coatings industry and form partnership opportunities and investments. The 2019 programs have already resulted in 18 successful solutions.

“Our new company strategy is all about building on our strong foundation and pioneering ways to grow and innovate,” says AkzoNobel CEO, Thierry Vanlancker. “That’s why it’s the perfect time for round two of our global start-up challenge. We’re excited to see what potential collaborations the start-ups have in store for us that will help us bring surfaces to life for our customers.”