Allco Solutions to Offer Coating and Corrosion Inspection Services

Date: 26/03/2024
Categories: Corporate
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Allco, born from the merger of three companies in the industrial inspection scene, will offer coating inspections and corrosion mitigation to guarantee customers cost-effective and precise solutions.

Allco Solutions has been recently created from the merger of GIR Solutions, GIR Mechanical Integrity and CCI Inspection Services and will operate in the industrial inspection services sector, particularly on coatings and corrosion.

"The merger of GIR Solutions and CCI Inspection Services marks a pivotal moment in our industry. Together, we are poised to deliver unmatched value and innovation to our clients, setting new standards for excellence. Additionally, Allco is an employee-owned company, with field and office personnel holding a stake. This facet of company structure is a major factor in attracting industry talent and maintaining a consistent workforce for clients,” has declared Jeremy Johnson, COO of Allco.

CCI Inspection Services provides protective coatings and corrosion mitigation inspection solutions. Additionally, the company has expertise in failure analysis, offering assessments to identify the causes of coatings failures and corrosion – enabling customers to implement effective preventative measures by leveraging advanced analytical techniques.

GIR Solutions and GIR Mechanical Integrity specialise in non-destructive testing, Level 1 topside inspection, construction inspection, data management solutions and complete failure analysis solutions for mechanical components. Using diagnostic tools, the company conducts in-depth investigations to identify the root causes of mechanical failures, providing customers with insights to optimise maintenance strategies and improve equipment reliability.

"Allco is more than just a merger, it is a catalyst for change. By offering a comprehensive suite of inspection services, we are empowering our clients to thrive in a competitive landscape, while driving industry-wide transformation,” has concluded Marlin Lester, CEO of Allco.