Date: 21/06/2024
Categories: Corporate

The collaboration between ALTANA and UB Forest Industry Green Growth Fund aims to develop eco-friendly flame retardants to meet the growing market demand for sustainable additives.

ALTANA and the Finnish sustainability fund UB Forest Industry Green Growth Fund have announced an investment in the technology company NORDTREAT, specialised in the development and production of innovative, high-performance and environmentally friendly flame retardants.

“With its certified fire retardants and flame-retardant systems, NORDTREAT has already developed environmentally friendly products and successfully launched them on the market. At the same time, we are seeing a growing demand for bio-based solutions for flame retardant additives. Building on this, we are pooling our innovative strength to jointly develop novel, bio-based additives for fire protection,” has stated Jörg Hinnerwisch, President of BYK Division.

NORDTREAT uses bio-based raw materials and its products comply with the latest fire protection regulations, such as the NORFLAM® series, which is used to protect buildings and structures. Furthermore, in addition to the investment of UB FIGG and ALTANA AG, NORDTREAT has partnered with ALTANA's BYK division to develop bio-based flame-retardant additives.

“In ALTANA and UB FIGG, we have gained two strong partners for our sustainable business model who will help us to fully exploit the growth potential of our technology. With ALTANA's BYK division, we also have an innovative partner with whom we can jointly drive the transformation towards more environmentally friendly product solutions,” has added Aki Borgentorp, CEO of NORDTREAT.

“NORDTREAT is an exciting company with excellent products, replacing legacy fire retardancy products with a new, innovative bio-based alternative. We are very happy to support NORDTREAT’s growth, serving especially the wood-based construction industry in Europe and globally. We value our partnership with ALTANA in the investment due to their expertise and resources in the specialty chemicals sector, and we are looking forward to the cooperation,” has concluded Sakari Saarela, a partner at UB FIGG.