Arkema Will Showcase its Innovative and Sustainable Solutions at ChinaCoat 2023

Date: 16/11/2023
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Arkema during a trade fair

Arkema will attend the 2023 edition of ChinaCoat to showcase its latest sustainable solution for the coatings sector.

The specialty materials supplier Arkema will showcase its latest sustainable solutions for coatings during the next edition of ChinaCoat, which takes place at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 15th to 17th November 2023.

Arkema's Coating Solutions division specialises in the production of specialty materials and is focused on transforming the coatings industry by gradually eliminating hazardous substances, adopting green raw materials and low-energy application processes as well as developing more efficient technologies.

“We have recently unveiled our 2028 ambitions that brings further clarity to our vision: innovative and high-performance solutions for a more sustainable world. For Arkema Group, the China market plays a critical role. We are fully committed to support our customers & partners to achieve their sustainable growth and sustainability development objectives. Arkema China will bring together strong expertise and the breadth of its unique portfolio of technologies to further unlock new possibilities capable of progressing our efforts to reduce carbon footprint and promoting sustainable development,” has stated Julie Xiaoyu ZHANG, President of Arkema Greater China.

During the trade fair, Arkema experts will present the latest bio-based and low carbon impact resins, HEUR and HASE thickeners, PAA dispersants as well as urethane and polyamide products. In addition, Arkema is developing its bio-based acrylic materials in all regions. These products fully adopt the “Mass Balance” approach and are produced from renewable or recycled raw materials. The company will also feature its leading portfolio of materials, including solutions for UV/LED, waterborne, high solid technologies and high-performance polymers.

  • Waterborne solutions
    This portfolio includes several waterborne resins, additives and long-lasting weather-resistant PVDF emulsions, including Encor® 2436, Encor® 2787 CS, Synaqua® bio-based water-based alkyd series, the Coapur™ series of polyurethane thickeners as well as the Ecodis™ MB and Rheotech™ MB series of dispersing agent and acrylic thickeners.
  • UV/LED/EB systems
    The UV/LED/EB light-curing formulations offer low VOC and energy efficiency which maintain coatings’ overall aesthetic appearance through superior mechanical and weather-resistant properties. These specialty acrylic resins are used in 3C coatings, UV inkjet and solder mask.
  • Powder coatings
    Technologies with low VOCs and HAPs used in thermosetting and thermoplastic systems as well as surface modifiers and levelling agents. They are also adopted in general industry and home appliances. The portfolio of Arkema includes the nylon ultra-fine powder Orgasol® and the super durable resins Reafree®.
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